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How to Choose Your “Best-Fit” Lawyer for Divorce and Family Law

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Divorce, Vero Beach Family Law

Select an experienced and knowledgeable marital and family law attorney with strong credentials, integrity and highly-rated client and peer reviews. This attorney should meet with you personally and be available to personally answer your phone calls. Because you are known in your community by your attorney, retain an attorney with an excellent reputation which is reasonable, truthful, and one skilled in negotiation and proficient in trial practice.

Meet the attorney and ask for a case assessment of the issues and for guidance in how to proceed toward separation and filing. Expect direct answers and seek an attorney who is capable and willing to listens to you and to explain the procedure in simple language.

Ultimately, your attorney will lead and guide you through your most challenging times. Work with a lawyer who commands respect and who encourages you to bring out the best in you when decisions must be made. Trust yourself in this choice and make it after you decide if the attorney is right for you.

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