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Virtual visitation can make daily co-parenting manageable

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2024 | Child Custody And Support

If you and your child’s other parent are going your separate ways, you may be understandably concerned about not being able to see your child during your ex’s parenting time. Thankfully, whether your child will be with their other parent regularly or “only” on occasion, you can remain connected to them via virtual visitation. 

Virtual visitation is an arrangement wherein whichever parent does not have parenting time on any given day can communicate with their child via electronic means. For example, if you have a very young child, whichever parent isn’t with them on any given day could video chat with them in the evening to read them a bedtime story. Or, if you’re the parent of a busy teen, formalized virtual visitation arrangements could ensure your right to text them daily. 

Bridging the distance

Virtual visitation can help to effectively bridge the physical distance between co-parents and their children. With tools like video calls, instant messaging and social media platforms, parents can interact with their children face-to-face, even when they are miles apart. This technology enables daily check-ins (when this is the frequency of communication that makes sense for a child’s unique needs), helping children feel supported and loved regardless of where they are physically.

Daily – or otherwise regular – communication with both parents is usually good for kids, as consistency is crucial for a child’s emotional and psychological well-being. Virtual visitation allows co-parents to establish and maintain a routine, better ensuring that children have regular, predictable interactions with both parents. Whether it’s a nightly bedtime call or a morning check-in, these consistent touchpoints can help children feel secure and maintain a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.

With all of this said, each family’s needs and circumstances are unique. By seeking personalized legal guidance and support, you and your ex can work out a formal arrangement that reflects your child’s best interests and your individual capacities.