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Does wealth actually encourage divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Divorce

There are many different financial causes for divorce. In some cases, couples in a lower income bracket will face additional financial stress. They may not be able to make ends meet, one person may lose their job, and the couple can just feel a lot of outside pressure. This can cause issues in the relationship and may lead to a divorce.

The opposite of this, of course, is the suggestion that wealthy couples would be less likely to split up because they would be financially stable. They would have less financial stress to deal with, which should make their relationship stronger. But some studies claim that this is not actually the case and that wealth can have the opposite effect, making a divorce more likely.

Financial reasons for marriage

One potential reason for this is simply that financial stability gives people the option to consider what they want out of their life. They don’t feel obligated to stay in the relationship just so that they can have the financial resources that they need.

For example, a couple may be relatively unhappy, but both people work minimum-wage jobs. They know that they would not be able to afford their lifestyle without two incomes. For this reason, they may avoid divorce so that they can keep the stability they have.

A wealthy couple, however, wouldn’t have the same concerns. Both individuals would know that they could be financially stable on their own. Therefore, if they felt unhappy with the emotional or personal aspects of their relationship, they may be more likely to seek a divorce.

A high-asset divorce can become quite complicated as couples determine how to split up their substantial wealth. Those in this position must be aware of their legal options.