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Why do divorce rates decrease over the summer?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce rates tend to follow certain trends. For one thing, they usually go up in January, as many couples use the new year as a time to file for divorce. The rates then decline in the summer, before spiking again in the fall.

Naturally, you can get divorced any month of the year, and people do. But it is still interesting to look at these trends and see why divorce may be more or less likely at certain times of the year. As the summer gets closer, what is it about that season that causes divorce to decline?

The kids are out of school

For many parents, the issue is that the children are no longer in school. Life is complicated and busy, and both parents are working together to watch the children since they won’t be otherwise occupied. It doesn’t feel like an ideal time to get divorced, and couples may decide to split up in the fall when they have more free time to consider their options.

They’re trying to fix the marriage

In some situations, couples who are trying to fix their marriage will use the summer vacation as one last chance to do it. But many of them get through the summer and find that they are still dissatisfied with their marriage, so they move toward divorce in the fall.

They have more time together

Interestingly, one potential reason is that couples spend more time together during the summer, especially if they are parents who are traveling for family vacations or road trips. This can create stress and illuminate some of the issues within the marriage.

No matter why you’re getting divorced, if you feel that you and your spouse are moving in that direction, be sure you are well aware of all the legal options at your disposal.